25 July 2018

StartupWind Launches iPhone and Android App to connect 20,000 entrepreneurs, investors and mentors on the go!

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04 May 2018

StartupWind hosts Purdue Global Startup Competition 2018

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15 February 2018

StartupWind on-boards 6,000 women entrepreneurs across India as part of the Women Startup Programme conducted by Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore!

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06 February 2018

StartupWind is selected as the semi finalist for the Smart Fifty Competition that is seeking to find 50 solutions to transform India!

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10 October 2017

StartupWind announces the Winners of The Startup Storm- a global business plan competition

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03 October 2017

Kellogg Professor Mohanbir Sawhney Joins StartupWind's Advisory Board

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21 September 2017

Want To Know If Your Startup Idea Is Viable? This New Network Can Help

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08 August 2017

StartupWind through the lens of Kellogg Innovation And Entrepreneurship Initiative and Kellogg Alumni Innovators

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11 July 2017

StartupWind announces the finalists for The Startup Storm - the Global Business Plan Competition

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29 March 2017

StartupWind Launches The Startup Storm – A Global Business Plan Competition That Helps Entrepreneurs Get Ready for Seed Funding and Connects them to a Worldwide Startup Ecosystem

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16 February 2017

StartupWind Launches Business Model Canvas to Help Entrepreneurs Get Ready for Funding with a Compelling Business Plan

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03 July 2016

Asset Class Bubbles, Brexit And Growth Opportunities In Startups !

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04 February 2016

StartupWind launches the first-ever Entrepreneur’s Social Network for students and alumni from premier schools

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01 February 2016

Turn Your Ideas Into Startups With Narendra Patil’s StartUpWind Social Network !

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